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Meet  Janet Fullalove-Jones; owner and creator of flourishing fashion brand FullaBeanies. Back in 2012, Janet found herself yearning for a new challenge to occupy her time, after her children had graduated babyhood and were sleeping through the night.  A swift Google search for ‘cheap hobbies’ led her to discover crochet.  Cue a trip to the shops for equipment and a YouTube tutorial or two, and Janet had begun honing her new skill.


Fast-forward five years, and Fullabeanies has evolved from an evening-hobby to a full-blown fashion business.  Based in Rusthall, a bustling English village in Kent, Janet works with her compact team, transforming colourful yarns into beautiful hats, full of personality, with a style to suit everyone.


Being a mum, Janet is all too aware of the importance of practicality, and creates her hats using 100% acrylic wool, for maximum durability and ease of care. Her customers testify that hats they’ve owned for years remain in fine condition, through wear and washes.


Janet is a self-proclaimed rock-chick, and is most definitely leading a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, touring the craft fairs and festivals with her original, handmade designs.  Janet has combined cosiness and comfort with quirky and bright to create her irresistible range of woven garments



Fullabeanies products can be found in

National Trust, South East

Notcutts, Tunbridge Wells

Hever Castle, Edenbridge

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Janet's hats were one of our best selling products from a local supplier in 2017. Warm, comfortable and stylish Janet's bobble hats make an excellent gift and are perfect for a Winter walk.

— Andy Cobb, Retail Manager, National Trust Nymans.